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Cosplayer Blue Bunneh > Costume of Malon (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
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I *love* Malon from Zelda OOT. I love farms & horses so I immediately felt a connection with her with I first played OOT and I quickly became a life-long fan of hers.


The Wig was styled using Got 2 Be Frozen Hairspray and Gel ( I'm still working on making the bangs 'bigger' ) I wanted a wig that would match her hair style during actual game play instead of the photo in the guide. It looks much redder in most photos but it's actual an orangish copper red

The Ears were purchased from Ardian Studios, I figured I would never be able to make ears as perfect as theirs so I forked over the $$ for them

The Scarf/Bandana is made out of a thick yellow/gold fabric. I didn't want to go too yellow. I turned under the edges and then tied to together

The Bowser Pendant is sculpted out of Model Magic Clay to keep it light and painted with a gold paint. I then glued a pin to the back so I could attach it to the scarf. I wanted to make it a little detailed but not overly since it's from a 64 game :P

The Shirt is just a regular white shirt. I made a stencil for the shapes on the sleeves and airbrushed them using a semi-glittery blue airbrush paint

The Belt I made out of a chocolate brown pleather that Velcros closed in the back. I'd like to add a zipper in the future.

The Belt Buckle is made out of craft foam that I sealed with Mod Podge, painted silver ( to replicate a real buckle as much as possible ) and then sprayed a layer of enamel over top. I then glued it to the belt. Ideally I should have made it attachable but oh well

The Apron was a pain in the ass but very rewarding when done. I spent more than I would have wanted to on a nice feeling textured brown fabric ( can't remember what it was ) but it feels GREAT and flows nicely. I drew up the design in photoshop, printed it out, traced it onto stencil paper ( actually I used FOR SALE signs since they were larger and cheaper than stencil paper ) After the stencil was made I air brushed the design on to look like it was burnt/embossed into the fabric. A few places didn't stencil well so I had to go over free-hand but you can't tell unless you look really close

The Skirt - I sewed it using a nice textured purple linen. I had to order it online since they didn't have enough yards in the store and I was determined to have that fabric in that exact purple. It looks kinda blue in the photos but it's not. Using the same airbursh paint I used for the sleeves I freehanded the blue designs at the bottom and top of the dress

The Boots - came from a thrift store and looked kinda like cowboy boots - they are dark brown and pretty comfortable to wear. I thought they would be perfect for Malon. I ended up going barefoot most of the time because I'm a whimp when it comes to anything with a heel on it.

The Milk - I got a mason jar from Hobby Lobby and filled it with white acrylic paint and water ( so it won't go bad ) I then drew the label in photoshoop, printed, and glued to the jar

Bob the Cuccoo - He was purchased from Ebay although I've been gluing his feathers back on using hot glue since he's kinda falling apart. He has his own facebook page if anyone would like to befriend him. Just look up BOB the Cuccoo on facebook and you can find him.
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