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Dark Cloud
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This was the first cosplay I have ever made from 'scratch'. It's hand-sewn because at the time I made it (and currently as I type this) I had no sewing machine. The dress is made from muslin and the design painted on with acrylics. My shorts were a pair of footless leggings I cropped and hemmed. The armwarmers and legwarmers are made from faux fur I wrapped into a cylinder and used felt to hold together to keep from having too obvious of a seam. My bell is nothing more than some braided red upholstery cord, tape, and a clear plastic ornament I painted. There's also a real bell in it so it at least sounds like one! I'm mostly commonly asked about how I did the ears because they're large and not visibly seen kept on with a headband. I used a tutorial for Fran ears to make them, but that was half the battle. Finally, I came up with something that has seemed to work well enough. To actually go about wearing them though, I took a wide and sturdy headband I wouldn't miss and two water bottles with the caps still. Cutting off the tops of the bottles, I glued those onto the headband and then glued the caps to the ears. The headband goes over over the wig cap, then the wig over that, and my ears basically screw on and are reinforced with floral wire into the wig. Sometimes it's a painful process. Another question I'm asked is about the fake teeth. My friend actually taught me this super amazing trick for custom fangs. I used plain, plastic fake nails and picked the ones closest to the teeth I wanted to cover. Next I cut them and filed them to the desired point and voila! To attach them, you dab a tiny bit of denture glue to the tooth and then to the back of the fake tooth and stick on, allow a couple seconds to let it adhere. They come right off with no tugging or pain.
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