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Cosplayer TR Rose > Costume of Crystal (Pokemon)

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Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Judge's Award - Hallway Contest (AFest 2011) and Best Comedy Skit - Pokemon Sulphur (AFest 2011 - video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLCqGNjY-MA and here: http://youtu.be/ljynVD1_sEo)
Costume worn at:
Anime Fest 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
The shorts were a challenge. I had purchased a pattern for leggings, but the pattern I cut out (according to my size on the envelope) didn't even fit my husband! So I had to make my own pattern based on a set of shorts I already had. It's not perfect, but that's as close as I can get. They just don't make shorts with yellow and black like this!

The jacket was a combination of a shirt pattern and sleeves I drafted myself. I wound up re-making it several times until I was happy with it. The original iteration had sleeves with an odd puffed sleeve cap and they were too short on my arms. Plus I made the jacket from a single layer of cotton, and it looked thin and cheap. I remade the jacket out of double-layered cotton and redesigned the sleeves to be fuller and longer, with a smaller sleeve cap.

The shirt was fairly simple. Just a knit top pattern with some modifications to add a turtleneck. The shoes were white Walmart sneakers with some paint to add the correct colors.

The PokeGear is carved from pink insulation foam and painted with regular acrylic paint. I wanted to make this from bondo, but ran out of time (and it was too blasted hot outside). The star earrings were foam glitter stars from WalMart that I hotglued earring backs to. They are very large and loud, but they work with the outfit!

Jigglypuff was a special skit prop that my husband and I made together. I had a little Jigglypuff plushie from years ago, but that was much too small to be visible on stage, so we needed something much larger. We actually got it to be around the size Jigglypuff is listed as in the Pokedex! My husband cut up a beach ball to make the round plush pattern, and added the ears and feet. I made the "puff" on top, the hands, and the facial features. However, this Jigglypuff has a secret - if you watch our skit video, "Pokemon Sulphur", you'll see that this particular plush was designed for a Pokemon battle. ;)
Personal Thoughts:
The most under-appreciated Pokemon trainer ever! Pokemon Crystal was my first Pokemon game, and I love Kris's design. Sadly she is very under-cosplayed (probably because of that HAIR) but I've gotta represent the first playable gal in the Pokemon world.

Even though she has an anime counterpart in Marina, I'm making the game design. Even though those colors are hideous - hot dog stand!!

Overall, Kris was a really fun costume to do. She may be a very rare character, and I didn't get a ton of recognition on the con floor, but I made some people VERY happy to see this rare trainer. I love the wig, as it was my first "crazy" hairstyle. And even though the clothing is rather garish in color and design, it's very comfortable and cool in the Texas heat. She's not easy to wear with that wig, but Kris will be making another appearance at a future con!!
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Cosworx / Cosplay.com
Wig Name
Original Color:
Light Blue
Styling Time
How was the wig colored?
Styling Notes
The hair was a real challenge. I started with a Cosworx Ivy in Light Blue (bad choice, but it was on sale...) and dyed it several times with aqua, green, and teal Sharpies. I added a fake back part by sewing pre-wefted extensions to the back with thread, and dyed over those as well. I pulled the wig into two low ponytails, cut them off, stubbed them, and then made new ponytails using styrofoam, the remaining prewefted extensions, and the cut off ponytail fibers. These were attached to the wig with fishing line (at the base of the stubs as well as at the top of the wig, sewn through the wig mesh). The styling was done with heat and curlers (for the front pieces), as well as Got2B glued freeze spray and spiking glue, plus clear caulk. The wig held up surprisingly well for the whole weekend. One ponytail started to fall halfway through the second day of wearing, but one of my friends was able to retie the fishing line and keep it standing. The wig will need a little love before I wear this again (some of the strands of hair came a bit loose) but overall it held up really well.
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