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Cosplayer RoxyRoo > Costume of Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

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Final Fantasy XIII
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Construction Difficulty:
Best in Journeyman, @SabotenCon 2011
Costume worn at:
Anime Expo 2011
Phoenix Comicon 2011
Saboten-Con 2012
Saboten-Con 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
This costume... took a long time. I worked on it sporadically over the course of a year. I'd work on it, get overwhelmed or ticked off and throw it in the closet, forget about it, remember it and then pull it out again, only to repeat that process over and over. If I crunched all the time I spent on it together, this costume would have taken me about 3 months. Amor= made from Sculpey. How? I have a tutorial on Deviantart which explains the process, which has been featured in 2 cosplay magazines and used by lots of other lightning cosplayers. There's ElWire in it, so when it's hooked up, can glooowwww. Boots= tore apart some biker boots from walmart and reconstructed it (by hand) with paint, lots of sewing, and buckles. My fingers were very, very sore afterward. Gloves= after trial and error, i made them from blue spandex and covered them in layers of Latex to give that leather feel. The armor pieces were made from post cards, hot glue and straws. Turtleneck= bought a sweater with the right weave and color and remade it into what you see there. Bought a pink zipper and painted it with silver modeler's paint. Jacket= found a gorgeous (expensive) white suede and made the pattern out of an old t-shirt. The buckles are a mix of handmade ones (on my bosom), square shaped beads from Micheal's which I painted with the same modeler's paint from my turtle neck, and clasps bought from Tandy's Leather Factory. The silver circle things on the pockets were made from sculpey, and the gold circles were made from plastic and craft foam. Purse= Very difficult. I made a pattern first out of paper. I bought a large purse from Walmart and butchered it for the fabric. lol Then, I cut it out, sewed it together after reinforcing and lining it. The two "top" pockets had to be hot glued on, since I couldn't figure out how to sew them in. The buckle was hand made. The long strap was constructed using the piping from the original purse. The silver circles are buttons sewn in, and the holes are just black dots drawn on with a marker. Skirt/Shorts/Belt= I made shorts from your standard pleather, but it was the first time I ever used grommets! The skirt was a kahki jean fabric bought from Joanns' and, actually, the zippers are longer than shown here, because I have to tuck them behind my skirt. lol. The belt was originally black, but I painted it tan. *DIES* To think this costume still needs a prop. oi... We'll see if I can get to that.
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