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Cosplayer Rinny > Costume of Kokonoe (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger)

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
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Costume worn at:
Tokyo in Tulsa 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Oh man. So much to say about this costume. I started on this in February, but didn't get very far. I wanted to lose more weight before I did anything more permanent to the costume. I was at least 163 pounds in feb, managed to lose 40 by this summer. I had already started the pants, but I wasn't able to finish/resume working on them until the fit >.>; I made the pattern for the coat myself. I didn't use another pattern as a base, I literally made the pattern, I drew it and then cut it. Hand painted the grommets on the paws red because I couldn't find any red ones. I used a hidden zipper in the front. It's a little crooked D8 but it was my first time sewing a zipper in like three years, I intend to fix it. I made the shoes from a pair of wedge heels I owned, I lifted the sole up and stapled the toe cover and extra strap in, then closed and seald up the sole. I used foam for the black lines that make it look like paws. I used foam on top and bottom of the shoes as well to extend the top and bottom of the heel. the "claws" are made from foam covered in black fabric. I had a pair of old reading glasses, I cut the ear handles and then filed/buffed down any sharp edges. They stayed on my nose with simple fashion tap (the smell of spirit gum makes me violently ill lol) I bought a pair of pink ears and tail, found ALMOST matching fabric in my scrap box from a plushie I had made, I made a second tail with the almost matching fabric, left a hole towards the base and inserted the first tail then seald it up. I used white fur I purchased at joans to make the white tips on the tails and eirs. I used the same fur to make the second set of eyebrows and attached them with fashion tape. I used an elmer's glue stick and pink eyeshadow on my eyebrows to make them appear pink. the Bracelets are made from foam, I plan on re-making them from metal. the Bell was originally a bell I bought at Joan's I cut the bottom and re-created the bottom of the bell with foam, and made the little kitty face on the top of the bell from foam and covered the stars that were cut out on the top of the bell with light thin leather and painted it gold. the belt was simple, I really don't know how to explain it? no seriously, i used one of those gold buckles on the part that is attached to the hip belt *i made the part that goes around the hip, and then the long tail-like part to attach* I had long acrylic nails that I filed into nails, but this wasn't added until the cosplay show, that way if i needed to fix anything like my wig I wouldn't have as much trouble wit it. I had a pair of white denim pants that had the perfect hip rise for kokonoe, i was going to use them as a patter, but I loved them so much I decided to just modify them. I took in the the thighs and cut the bottom to just below the knees and cut out the key-hole shape in the bottom the downside is that the fabric was a little stiff, but I will fix that.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Charissa-KIDS / C.C. KIDS
Wig Name
Vocaloid Type H Megurine Luka
Original Color:
Styling Time
Styling Notes
I cut the hair from the bottom of the pink extenstion and styled them around a tear-drop shaped cut out of foam. I sewed in two waft-comb-clips to each of the foam modifications. These became the extra hair kokonoe had that stood behind her ears. one clip went into the net/weft on the ponytail extenstion, the other clip went into the wig and hair net. I need to find bigger clips though because the ones I used were too small.
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