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Cosplayer Fancy_Duckie > Costume of Princess Tutu (Princess Tutu)

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About this Costume
Construction Details:
This is one of the first costumes that I started making a lot of the pieces for myself, and I've "remade" it a bunch of times over the years. I'm still not 100% satisfied and am planning on doing a more embellished version of Tutu as my next competition piece!

I made the crown out of polymer clay, baked it, glued it to a barrette that sits in my wig. The headpiece is a half-moon shaped piece of felt that I attached a TON of feathers to using school glue.

I made molds for the necklace gems using polymer clay and then cast them with resin. They're painted with shiny red nail polish and all of the gold detailing is actually 3D fabric paint. For the "wings" I patterned them out on paper first and then cut them out of some thin clear plastic and painted them with a very light layer of sparkly blue nail polish.

The bodice is from Simplicity's "Black Swan" Halloween pattern, which I either need to add gussets to in order for it to fit over my hips properly or remake the whole dang thing (sob). The plate is made of casa satin and has satin-stitched appliqued wings on it with rhinestones glued to each "feather". The armbands are made out of satin and have elastics sewn into the tops and bottoms for the poof; I just added an extra four inches to my arm circumference when I made 'em. For the panty I literally just used halloween store boyshorts but updated version is a legit basque/panty combo.

The tutu I bought from tutu.com (look for practice tutus if you're interested!) and added a couple of layers to it (and I'll be remaking it from scratch when I compete). Update: tutu was made by hand pleating a combo of different shades of pink petticoat shiny tulle and thicker stiffer tulle, sewing it to the basque and many, many, many tears. I do have a hoop in there but I need to find a better place for it; it's too close to my hips and isn't providing much support.

For the wings, I took a coathanger and bent it into the shape I wanted, and wrapped yellow tulle around it, sewed on the three "tails" (literally iridescent ribbon with knots tied to the bottom), which attaches to the bodice via snaps (yay snaps!). Updated version: yellow cotton with floral wire for structure and an iridescent costume organza for the outside.
Personal Thoughts:
Princess Tutu was a formative series for me and I love it very much. <br />
<br />
Disclaimer: I took ballet for 13 years and did pointe for a year; I promise I am not in danger of breaking my ankles.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Magnum Long
Original Color:
Bubblegum Pink, old one was Salmon
Styling Time
15 minutes
Styling Notes
Pin ahoge. Spray the be-jeezus out of ahoge. Let dry. Remove pins. Now you can be a cute little duck princess too! I trimmed the bangs too.
Wig Review
Old cosworx line wig, don't remember the name.
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