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Cosplayer Crystalike > Costume of Nia Teppelin (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann)

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Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
Nia Teppelin
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
When I first watched TTGL with my Anime Club I really loved this design, even though it was a bodysuit. it took me a while to get the courage to do this though! XD I love Nia's character. she's really cute, and then she goes all darkside and is suddenly the enemy. But she has her reasons, and the ending of TTGL always makes me just BAWL when I see it. Simon x Nia forever. Seriously. Her bodysuit design was always cool to me too, although I was hesitant at first about cosplaying something so skintight. I have some issues with my body, namely the butt and thighs and leg length, but don't we all have something we don't like about how we look? I eventually just said F it and decided to give it a try with the proper undergarments under the suit and went for it. I could be worse, I could be better, but I'm proud to say I'm at a place where I can be proud of my body. This is who I am, and I shouldn't be ashamed, I should be accepting it and doing what I love; cosplaying my favorite characters. On to the costume itself...I first bought the wig a year back, from cosplaywig on eBay. It was gorgeous, heat resistant, a lovely mix of blonde and blue, but needed more blue so I used my art alcohol based markers to add more color in. The bangs were trimmed appropriately. I chose not to custom make a wig for time's sake and because an ankle length wig would be suicide. :P Oh NIa, you and your fluffy long cloud hair... The bodysuit is from eBay. It was a black metallic zentai catsuit that I got for cheap. It was unisex so it didn't fit me right until I took in some seams in the back and sides. It took me a long time debating on whether it should be shiny or matte, but I'm glad that I chose shiny because it looks cool ^^;. The lines were done at first with white chalk to mark out where they were supposed to be, then gone over with a HUGE red paint pen, Sharpie brand. It was oil based and showed up nicely on the metallic spandex with a few layers. I first used a pink paint pen, but on the black suit the pink lines were too thin and too light. Nia's lines are either red or pink, so I chose the red pen, and in certain lights it looks pink, yay! The shoes were these horribly pink platform wedge shoes that I painted with acrylics. The ring is from eBay and has a round green stone just like Nia's, although it could be a lighter green. ^^; The blue strips are just stretchy blue fabric handsewn to the suit. The sewing of the blue strips took a way longer time than I thought.... Let me say, this was one awkward costume to wear! But at least I was pretty comfy and I could look emo and be in character. Hopefully next time I wear this I'll be less tired. XD
Personal Thoughts:
I am so proud of the little stupid hair curl at the top of the wig. An "ahoge" or so it's called...I realized at the last second that I needed to try to put one in since that's one of Nia's physical traits; messy fluffy cloud hair with little bits sticking everywhere. The little curl was cut with scissors and then sprayed with a ton of hairspray and a little bit of pomade was used at the base. Somehow the thing is solid and hasn't changed even though the wig is now in a bag. XD The next time I wear this I need to fluff up the side bangs with hairspray. I thought that they would be fine if I didn't use spray but they were flattened by the time I took the wig off. :V
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