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Cosplayer kiwi5frog > Costume of Lady Deathstrike (X-Men)

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Lady Deathstrike
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I am super excited to have finished this costume. Lady Deathstrike has always held a special place for me. I remember when I first saw her in the 90s x-men cartoon. I thought her design was just really cool looking and loved the idea of having these freakishly long hands. I want to add that seeing Deathstrike in the X-men movie was horrifying. although she was much sexier, it just butchered a great great character with a great story. It was very disappointing. I am very proud to at least have done her justice by doing her REAL costume as accurately as my meager skills could. I sewed everything from scratch. The vest in particular is made of a layer of interfacing, batting, and fabric. The hat was particularly challenging since I've never made hat before. In the end I ran out of time so I just had to use the best among the many bad hats I made. An interesting point to make was the red "hair". I noticed that even between different art designs, her red hair is consistently not the textured as "hair". with her more modern black haired look, it led me to beleive that the red was actually just an extension of her head piece. For the hands, I used http://kiwi5frog.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d1389l0 as a reference. I modified it a bit to fit the original lady deathstrike design by making it a bit thicker, more solid, and of course, giving the hands skin color. So yeah...really its just cutting some long triangles out of poster board, rolling it up with glue, cutting, more gluing, then painting. I mounted the fingers to a white glove by putting on the glove, filling the finger with hot glue, and putting my finger in it. LOL. no fingers were *seriously* harmed in the process. The gloves were pretty decent in protecting me from the heat. yes, stupid, but whatever. I then colored the glove to match For the cybernetics, i just free hand drew the designs with hot glue on a piece of paper. I then sprayed them with silver paint. once dried, i lifted the glue and used some pros-aide to stick it back onto my chest. The costume is, for the most part, completed. the only thing i intend to change in the future is increase the number of cybernetics on my arms and put in "chest" support under the vest so it stays in position better.
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