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Cosplayer Stray Wind > Costume of Lisa Garland (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories)

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Lisa Garland
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Easy
Costume worn at:
Youmacon 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I've been interested in Cosplaying Lisa from Shattered Memories since I heard that she was going to be in the remake. I was a bit disappointed in her short lived appearance in the game and different personality from the first game, but she grew on me as a character. I figured this would be a very simple costume to put together so I had been meaning to Cosplay Lisa all year. Back in the summer when Leesers was convinced to come to Youmacon, we started talking about Cosplay plans and the suggestion of a Shattered Memories group was brought up by Leesers. Avianna, Miri and I were quick to join in along with Solstice_Wind so we had enough people to pretty much cover most of the cast. I convinced my friend Ammie to join the group in September since I knew she would be a perfect fit for the character of Michelle because of her beauty. (^^) This costume was all bought clothing. I purchased medical scrubs at a store in downtown Toronto that were a pretty good match style and colour wise to Lisa's. The smallest size (xxs) for the scrub top was still massive on me, so my wonderful friend Pan offered to alter the top for me. I bought white converse-like shoes and a white shirt to wear under the scrubs. I purchased a New Look brand wig, which was quite long so Pan helped me out by cutting it while I wore it. The wig was a bit darker than I expected, but worked well for the character. I used a mixture of fake blood makeup and liquid fake blood for the cut on Lisa's head. It didn't stay as vibrant as I would have liked during the photoshoot I was a part of at Youmacon. I'll have to work on my makeup the next time I wear this costume. I made the name tag using Photoshop to match what it looks like in the game. I was planning to get a photo of myself to use on the tag, but I didn't have time to get a picture so I used a render of the in-game image.
Personal Thoughts:
This was a fun costume to put together and very comfortable! It was nice to slip into this after wearing a Sailor Saturn costume earlier in the day at Youmacon 2010. XD It was an awesome experience Cosplaying with Leesers (as Cheryl), Avianna (as Dahlia), Miri (as Cybil), Ammie (as Michelle) and Solstice_Wind (as Harry). We almost had a full group of every human character from Shattered Memories. We did a shoot with Elemental and it was a blast being part of this group since everyone really worked hard on their costumes and looked amazing. :3
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