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Cosplayer Faiga Raisa > Costume of Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara)

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Sengoku Basara
Date Masamune
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
ACEN Group 2nd Place and ColossalCon Hall Contest
Costume worn at:
Anime Central 2010
ColossalCon (Cleveland) 2010
Otakon 2010
Permanent Link:
About this Costume
Construction Details:
The manriest cosplay out there. This was a beotch and a half to make. Swords: All wood. Extrapolating the tsuba design was difficult. Then the fact that I had to carve 12 out from balsa wood ruined my face. Well, making 6 whole swords with 6 working says ruined my life. At least I invented a little tool to help but the bo-hi out perfectly. I want to patent that sucker. This took months to make. And respiratory damage. Armor: Vinyl. Actually, they're thick place-mats from WalMart. Heat gun was used to curve and maintain their shape. Problem at ACEN, the spray paint I used melted. Well, the armor melted to itself. So I had to remake the chest plate at the con and then it decided to melt to itself again. Pretty sure I've made all the pieces at least 3 times by now. And I still have to remake them again. Kabuto: Is the devil. It took me a month to make it initially for Ohayocon. 3 months down the road and the helmet started to form bubbles and a rash because the warmer weather was evaporating the insignificant amount of water in the clay I had drying for 2 weeks. Tried to redo it with different materials like caulk and spackle. Found the perfect formula eventually. It's still pretty heavy. Base was a construction helmet with the bill cut off. Shoes: were hand made and the tabi were bought and hand dyed. Horror: ACEN-Personal space. People in Chicago didn't seem to have this. Hello, I have 6 swords and I stick out, please don't bump into me. I also have an eyepatch and a low helmet, I don't see well, so please don't shove me when trying to walk past. This even happened while waiting to get judged at the masq. back stage. Is it really that hard to walk a foot farther from me? Luckily a friend of someone competing in front of us had stage tape and we could fix my broken sword belt for judging from the rude people. ColossalCon-More for my partner than me. If we don't want a hug and we say that we don't want to be touched. DON'T TOUCH US! Otakon-Thank you young teen boy who shove-bumped me at the top of the stairs because you were horsing around. I fell down the even level break in the stairs. I ended up bleeding and having heavy bruising on my legs and hips. I also broke my sword belt (once again). Thank you not helping and running away. Thank you for ruining my chance to go to the Sengoku Basara photoshoot. I adore this cosplay but it seems to be cursed.
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