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Cosplayer NiGHTmaren > Costume of Johnny Joestar (Steel Ball Run)

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Steel Ball Run
Johnny Joestar
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Best in Show Craftsmanship - Youmacon 2012
Costume worn at:
FanimeCon 2011
MegaCon 2011
Otakon 2011
Youmacon 2012
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Completed February 2011 Since reading Steel Ball Run, I knew that a Johnny costume was in order, especially because it was a perfect idea for myself and for my boyfriend as Gyro! I also love his Americana-themed outfit, and thought it would be a lot of fun to bring to life. This costume is sort of a hybrid between the Banpresto DX figure and Johnny's specific outfit in the Civil War Arc (I really love dem hearts).

Construction for this was really straightforward and pretty simple. The pants are a spandex with glitter stars printed on them throughout. I was actually fortunate to get a defective yardage of the fabric, because part of it didn't have any stars at all, and I was thus able to use the same fabric for the shoe covers and have a perfect color match.

The top was a stretch velvet, with the darker bands very carefully sewn on by hand then satin-stitched around the edges by machine. The hearts on the sleeves are empty plastic heart containers covered in spandex.

The horse head and horse shoe details on the hat were made out of craft foam.
Personal Thoughts:
Johnny is one of the few Joestars I can actually cosplay and not look completely silly, and I love his relationship with the Zeppeli in Part Seven, Gyro. I knew before even reading SBR that these costumes were a must for Chris and I to cosplay - we both love Jojo, and these characters are so much fun as a pair! I also made the Gyro costume, aside from the steel balls, hat (which I only painted) and the belt (which I only did some paintwork on and did resin sealing for the buckle)which he did all the work for. This costume shedded glitter all over both me and my apartment, though. Everything turned fabulous.
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