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Cosplayer Shiya Wind > Costume of Ciel (Mega Man Zero)

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Mega Man Zero
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Construction Details:
MegamanX and Megaman Zero~ We went back to the oil refinery because the setting just fit everyone but my character for some reason. XDD Thank you to Court, April, Chloe, Nick, Jordan, Abbott, Mike, Kenji, Eric, and Cody for joining!!!! Ciel- me @@ Axl- Photo by Mike/Blanklogo!! This is an exciting thing for me, as we were suppose to finish these costumes by AX...but a lot of things happened. And, well...yeah. But, ever since after Fanime...we just spent a good time sitting around thinking of how we are going to make what. We spent so much trial and error (mostly for his costume). Originally, Andrew and Cody were going to join us as Zero and Megaman. I really wish they did, but things didn't work out as planned. And, I'll never forget how many times we ran to Home Depot or Michael's in one day. We must have been crazy, but most definitely very unprepared. I felt really bad for Court. His costume was very hard to move in and very uncomfortable. He worked super hard and spent a butt load of money, especially on all the armor. He worked for days just sanding, fiber glassing, resining, etc etc. And, while I'm not as experienced in armor, I stayed inside and did all of the sewing work. I made the body suits for Ciel, Axl, and Zero (except our Zero decided not to do it anymore). For Ciel, I made just about everything, but the helmet credit definitely goes to Court. I did shape the helmet and added wire mesh and model magic to get the sides of the helmet to shape inwards and look more 3-D. Then, he resined everything and sanded the heck out of it to make it look nice. For his costume, I constructed the plastic looking wig of his and built it onto a felt core hat with wiring to keep it up for support. He wears it just underneath his helmet. It's originally a poster board base with resin added to keep the hair stiff. I also made his arm cuffs and gigantic panties. XD The inside has a thick fabric like used in jackets for comfort/support, haha.
Personal Thoughts:
My least favorite part of my costume was the wig. Shaping those unrealistic bangs were hard, and they just look so goofy...but that's how the character looks. @__@
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