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Cosplayer firewolf826 > Costume of Ken Ichijouji / Digimon Kaiser (Digimon Adventure 02)

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Digimon Adventure 02
Ken Ichijouji / Digimon Kaiser
Special Variation:
Digimon Emperor
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
ACP's Digimon Cosplay Contest (2nd place)
Costume worn at:
Otakon 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Many parts to this costume! So, hmm, let's see...

Body Suit was hand-drafted with multiple panels for the different colors. (I have a tutorial here where I explain my process)

Cape was also drafted from scratch, with multiple mock-ups to get it right. The yellow "seamless" trim was added with a technique I describe here.

The shoulder armor was probably the hardest aspect of the costume, because I have limited experience with armor/props and not a lot of equipment to do something really fancy. What I ended up doing was use thin cardboard to create the basic shape (after doing several mock-ups with stock paper). Seams were held together with glue/tape, and there's some thick wire to help hold it's shape. Then I paper-mached on top and painted, added details, etc. Not the most comfortable thing, and the closure started falling apart at the con.

The wrist and ankle cuffs were made using various things from the plumbing aisle at Home Depot. The plastic tube for the ankles had to be sawed down the middle in an odd, difficult shape to match the references. There's also some craft foam involved, including the chest-plate thing. All the "metal" pieces were sprayed with metallic silver paint.

Other pieces include: the belt, the whip (altered an existing one with a paper towel roll, etc), and the glasses. The glasses were made from scratch, with a cardboard base. The purple plastic was REALLY HARD to find, and then painstakingly hand-sawed into shape.

The wig is described below.
Personal Thoughts:
Digimon was a very large part of my childhood. I was dying to make this costume due to hard-hit nostalgia, so having it completed is kind of surreal.

I really enjoy Digimon, even now as an adult. I talk a bit about my personal connection with Ken on my other costume, but it deserves re-mentioning that I connect a lot with Ken-- maybe a little too much. ;) We are very alike in many ways, so cosplaying him is very special to me. He was always my favorite in 02, even during his Digimon Emperor days.

This is one of the most bizarre and difficult costumes I've made to date. But it was worth it, of course! With bluucircles as my Davis, and a bunch of other friends joining in with Digimon cosplay, it was a lot of fun.

My friend made my Wormmon! He is so perfect and precious! He actually looks much smaller in these photos than in real life-- he's rather large, hahah. He now has lovely embroidered eyes, which were not completed for the convention. He now lives on my bed.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
New Look
Wig Name
Original Color:
Dark Blue
Styling Time
a long time
How was the wig colored?
FW Ink
Styling Notes
Started as two Punky wigs (one blue, one white), each hand dyed. Cut wigs apart in the odd, specific places, and sewed pieces together to create the duo-tone look. Lots of cutting and adding back wefts for added poofy shape. Basically, one of the most elaborate/intensive wig I've done, but one of my favorites!
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