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Cosplayer Itchy Tasty Gal > Costume of Rhyme Bito (The World Ends With You)

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The World Ends With You
Rhyme Bito
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Otakon 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I met my husband thru his Beat costume, and we'd joked about me doing a Rhyme, even before we were dating! Time constraints, budget, general stress, and moving across states kinda killed the idea of me making the overalls like I originally wanted to - and a while back, I'd started with this shirt, originally an H&M bright red mens sweater (I liked the texture, and decided bleaching it to pink might make things interesting). SOMEONE'S mother moved it while it was soaking on a flat surface, and threw it on the bathroom floor in a heap, which is why it's color is speckled - but I'm going to try to look at it as "unique" and fit the "skater/graffiti" look of the game. The skull was cut out and the edges ghetto-serged, and I bought cross stitch thread to hand sew it on (securing the most of it with fabri-tac first), mading varying thickness of stitches in the shirt. The bell was last minute - I found a beaded cord I was happy with in a Walmart of all places (and was originally a Michael Jackson dogtag necklace, lol), and I originally wanted to use sculpty, but again, time and supplies decided Model Magic, which is also what the beanie pin is too. The wig...I had a wig that would have worked, but it's someone else's now...So I got this one for something else originally, and well, I was afraid to cut it shorter, so my regrets are the length, which I think is a little long for Rhyme. And then, there's Killface... My shark noise. I got an AWESOME giant plush shark doll, covered him in fabric marker in dark blue (he was originally gray) - then my husband and I cut out and double layered craft foam for the noise amplifications. I'd really like to add some to it, as well as smooth and modge podge the craft foam to keep it intact - and also add some black designs to it. Also, I'd like to go over the gums and gills with fabric paint too.
Personal Thoughts:
This is the most comfortable costume I have ever worn. This is why she's coming with me to every con I go to for the next year at least. PLUS, I keep meeting AWESOME TWEWY cosplayers, and since I love this game so effing much, I love doing it with any of them I find!!!!!
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