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Haruko Haruhara
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Sakura-con 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Everyone wants to be a Rock Star at some point in their life...and I got that chance. With this costume, I was a ROCK STAR and I have photos to prove it! I have wanted to do this costume since I saw the show. I mean, that's how it starts, right? You see an anime/cartoon and think to yourself "MY GOD she/he/it is the COOLEST character ever! I need to be that character!" Haruko was certainly a character I wanted a hand at. She's loud, obnoxious, picks her nose, and has a terrific outift. DECISION MADE. Let's do this! So I called my wonderful friends Ritsuko and Plude of Blue Bow Space and commissioned ot have the red vest done. I picked out the fabrics, held very still while they pinned me, and did little things like lint removal and cutting. I got to help! YAY ME! The rest of the costume was found by me...white shirt, black capris, scarf, gloves and so on. I already owned the boots from when I was in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" (I played a hooker...yay me). I bought the wig and goggles on ebay...it was a super find! I bought the yellow contact lenses because I LOVE that Haruko has YELLOW EYES. I don't care how creepy it looks and how blind I am! Yellow contacts were important! *LOL* THE GUITAR: I made this baby. It's 4 layers of foam board wrapped in masking tape. The screws are computer tower screws, elastic beading strings for bass strings, t-pins with cardboard for the tuning pegs, and a Guitar Hero strap. The frets are also foam board. How long did it take me? I don't count the hours...I count in what I watched. So it took me watching all 3 season of The Guild 3 times each to make that guitar. I am VERY proud of that beast. I made the cuff...but for all the intense detail I put into my very first prop ever, I became very lax with the detail of the cuff. Being in an apartment with no room to work with sheet metal, I had to improvise. I used a cookie cutter, covered it in craft foam, and secured it with duct tape. I'm happy with it, but the guitar looks better! *LOL* i wore this to Sakura Con 2010 for about 4 hours (I was working the FUNimation booth all weekend). I will FOR SURE wear this costume to many more events!
Personal Thoughts:
Red Vest by Ritsuko and Plude of Blue Bow Space! I got to help with little things like cutting and seam ripping The first 10 photos you see here are from the magnificent DARKAIN. I'm in total shock...I am so thrilled to have this costume come out so well. I was really concerned about myself...I know I'm a big girl and I've let myself go...and I was afraid I would just be a "chubby Haruko", but these photos are FANTASTIC. The costume is FANTASTIC. The guitar came out FANTASTIC. I cannot thank Darkain and Blue Bow Space enough for their talents.
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