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Cosplayer Ama-chan > Costume of Princess Peach (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Princess Peach
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This is the most complicated cosplay I've made up to date, and also my favorite. I've always loved Peach, so I knew I had to cosplay as her, and when I saw this dress I simply fell in love with it. I wanted to make it as accurate as possible, so I spent 3 whole days just making the patterns. The most complicated part was the blouse; I had to make a base first with a strong, thick fabric, similar to the one used for corsets, and then I had to divide the pattern in several parts: the top, which was a medium pink color, the middle, which I had to enlargen to make the horizontal shirring with a lighter, softer fabric in a very light pink color; the sides, in the same medium pink color as the top, and which also had shirring on the borders where they connect with the rest of the blouse, and the dark pink patches on both sides, which I had to sew on copying the shape of my body when I put on the blouse. On the back there was only horizontal shirring with the light pink fabric and the top was made with the medium pink fabric. There is white lace both in the front and on the back right where the top and bottom are joined. After it was all done, I just had to sew on the appliques by hand and add the jewel, which I made out of christmas ornaments and craft foam. For the sleeves I just made them very wide and then joined them only on the spots where the bows go. The neck was the easiest part, I just put a strong interface in it so that the rounded shape would hold well, joined it to the lining, added the lace and sewed it onto the shirt. After the shirt was done, all that was left was the skirt. I first made a skirt with a very light and cheap fabric to be my over-petticoat, and I sewed on the hot pink fabric on the bottom with all the appliques that I also had to sew by hand. I put dimensional fabric paint on the borders because it looked to me like it had some sort of borders on the images, though now I think embroidering might have been better, but I didn't think of it back then. Then on top of that is another skirt, with the medium pink fabric and a basic bell shape but bigger in order to make the shirring, and ending with a strip of fabric with rounded edges made with the light pink fabric, and with hand embroidered details all over the bottom. On top of that comes another skirt that is more like a rounded cape, also made with the medium pink fabric and with lace on the bottom, and it also has aplliques sewn by hand, but with no borders. Then finally is the top cape/skirt, which was actually one of the easiest things to make. I airbrushed the shirred skirt on the shirring with a darker color to give it more volume and make it loke more like the game art. For the gloves, I bought some ready-made goves and sewed on some lacey fabric, then I added interfacing on the tops so they would hold their shape and sewed on the gold trim. I made the ring with some left-over materials I had for making bracelets. The earrings were also quite easy, I made them out of Christmas ornaments too. For the crown, I used the technique I saw in a tutorial, with craft foam, fabric and rub n buff. I made the little details with dimensional fabric paint before painting the crown, and then after putting the rub n buff, I painted it with a golden white pearl paint, because it looks white in the images, but I didn't want it to be too white. I wanted a more natural style for the wig, so I didn't exaggerate the style too much, and only used hairspray as opposed to hair glue. The petticoat was awful the first time, so I had to remake it before the photoshoot. I ended up having to wear 4 petticoats in order to achieve the puffyness I desired. I made the radish with some stretch fabric and plastic leaves, and I also made the toad's body, and my sister made the toad's clothes. I prepared an act to participate in the masquerade, for which I edited the sound and did the voice, made the props with some help from a friend, and made the background video with help from my husband. The frying pan used in the act was bought at the last minute. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed doing it. Here is a video of the act: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1mb4SKy7SE
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