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Cosplayer Pocky Princess Darcy > Costume of Devilot (Cyberbots)

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Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Costume worn at:
AnimeNEXT 2009
Otakon 2009
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
OMG THIS COSTUME!!! GRRRR!!! DARCY SMASH!! >_< It was as complicated as it looks.Truthfully, I am surprised I contained myself and didn't throw it out the window. lol I actually drafted patterns & made a first draft of the costume in cotton to see how everything would fit. Because it's me we are talking about here, ironically I just HAD to start loosing weight, unintentionally. Everytime I went back to working on the costume, I had to keep taking it in. Very annoying. I made the krinolin petticoat underneath to go on top of the hoop skirt, which took a lot longer than expected. The sleeves I re-did no lie, 5 times because they never came out looking good to myself. The wig I purchased from cosplaywig and after all the waiting came out not the shade I wanted. I then decided to sharpie the whole thing yellow. After 2 nights of working on that, I decided I didn't like it and preferred the original color it was. I then took rubbing alcohol and lots of clarifying shampoo to take the color out. The bangs were done up with lots of hair spray and clear rubber bands. The shoe tops were furniture foam wrapped in casa satin to match the rest of the dress. The crown is made out of the same gold stock board that I've used for other costumes such as Nia. The broach was re-done 3 times because it kept drying weird. I painted a red costume jewelery broach with black translucent glass paint (for that devil face she has on it) and made it into a pin. oh, yeah. Blue contacts were bought and worn for this costume! ^_^ Photo credits go out to Dizzy Lizzy, Lionel & Ginny Seta! Thanks guys! ^___^
Personal Thoughts:
I've wanted to cosplay Devilot since 2001. She's in everything from the first Marvel VS Capcom to Super Puzzle fighter and of course Cyberbots: full metal madness. Devilot an evil princess. Just the character I tend to love! When Vartan suggested we cosplay this together, I was beyond excited and flatted that he wanted to cosplay with me!!! She was already on my cosplay list, but cosplaying with him just made it just that much more cool! (he's my cosplay idol after all *__*) He had already cosplayed as one of her henchman back in the day so, we decided on Dave the scientist to be with Devilot instead! My favorite photo of us together would be the last one. Ginnyseta always takes "ass to ass" photos. That one though is just so adorable!!! It makes me smile everytime I see it. I'm so happy he went out of his way to cosplay with me. I'll always be grateful for that. I call this the cursed costume because pretty much every time I tried taking photos of it, the photos came out blurry...at both conventions! I still am not satisfied with any of the photos of this costume. :__: Lastly I will say I was definitely disappointed in only 2 people at Otakon and 1 person at ANext knowing who I was cosplaying!!! I got mistaken for murder princess a couple of times, which is understandable. I didn't think she was such an obscure character?? O__o Made me sad that she has no love. More people need to play all 3 games she is in!! I demand you get out your PS1 or PS2 and play marvel vs capcom, puzzle fighter and cyberbots! NAO!! The Princess Devilot orders you to!
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