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Cosplayer roxyryoko > Costume of Super Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Super S)

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Sailor Moon Super S
Super Sailor Moon
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Expo 2007
Comic-Con / San Diego Comic Con International 2008
Comic-Con / San Diego Comic Con International 2007
This Costume has been retired
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
When I was nine I wanted to be Sailor Moon for Halloween, but my mom wouldn't let me! This costume finally allowed me to be Sailor Moon. It's so cute when everyone calls for me. It makes me happy! ^_^

Moon Prism Power Make-Up:

Earrings- Super easy, but a little harsh on my wallet. I bought a pack of crescent moon shaped plastic jewels and a pack of earring studs and earring butterflies. Then it was a matter of super gluing the jewels to the studs. (each of these packs was about $5.00, so I have a lot of extras.)

Front and Back Bow- My mom sewed the bows for me. We followed http://www.lynleigh.com/cosplay/ tutorial. We made the front bow with red dull satin and the back with a light pink.

Tiara- Cut out a piece of foam in the correct shape then painted many coats my gold metallic paint. Then added a Moon gem in the center. I bobby-pinned the edges to stay up on my head.

Gloves-I bought a pair of evening gloves at Claire's and cut and hemmed them to be just below my elbows. Then with red satin I cut a 2 rectangle and sewed matting in between. Once flipped over we put two lines down it to give it that roll look and sewed the ends together. I just slide the colored part on top of the glove and it stays.

Necklace-Put two pieces of velcro on a yellow ribbon and super glued on a heart shaped gem.

Hair clips and "meatballs"- For the white pins i got bobby-pins for wedding accessories and fake pearls. i twisted a wire through them and somehow made them stay on right. Feathers were put through the top. For the "meat balls" I cut a styrofoam ball in half and painted it.

Pendant on bow/waist- I used light weight clay to form the shape of a heart with a cookie cutter. Then it was painted and varnish was added so the paint wouldn't chip off. I glued two pins on the back of it and attached them through the bow or band.

Leotard- My mom added the sleeves to a white leotard.

Skirt- My mom followed a Sailor Moon costume pattern and made the skirt. She added a extra band and made the yellow and blue bands at the bottom.

Shoes- I bought red gogo boots on cosworx. I then added velcro around the top and put white vinyl on the top. I put a moon in the center. I was afraid of cutting the boot up to add the white.

Sailor Flap- For the collar we followed a Sailor Moon pattern and then added two rows of ribbon.

hair-Since i hated my crappy wig, I instead asked garnet flight to make me hair piggy tails. They are awesome! They are very long and don't tangle easily and match my hair. I used a tool to help me make pig tail buns. I didn't really like the shape of them but my buns by hand are worst. Then I just put the pig tails on the buns like a hair band. I cut my bangs as well.

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