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Cosplayer AlbinoPlant > Costume of Zant (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
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AnimeNEXT 2009
Castle Point Anime Convention 2009
Otakon 2009
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As of right now, Zant is my favorite cosplay to wear! Everyone tells me that it looks uncomfortable, but it really isn't at all, except that my shoulders hurt because I shrug them to make sure that the helmet is resting on the shoulder piece rather than floating an inch above it. So after a day of shrugging I am in a little pain. Anyway, after playing Twilight Princess for like the billionth time, I decided that Zant was my new favorite character. I love his weird mannerisms, his little hissy fits, and those weird noises he makes... I wish I could make them! So obviously since not many people have cosplayed Zant, I had to try making him!! At first I was intimidated because of the helmet because I didn't even know where to start, but as soon as I figured out my plan of action it was ok. I started with the shoulder armor, which is just craft foam, paper mache, a little model magic, and hot glue. (Can you tell I don't know how to use anything other than about 3 materials? :P ) For the cloak, I just kind of drew out a pattern that looked like it would work, and went with that. The red banner is red fabric on top of white stiff felt. All the designs on the cloak and banner are hand painted on. The color on the cloak is a mix between a neon green and sky blue. I think it came out pretty nicely! The socks and head sock (I don't actually know what that thing is called...) are a white stretchy fabric spray painted. For the helmet, I hot glued 3 enormous styrofoam blocks together to form one monster block. I took a Sharpie to mark out basically what Zant's head piece should look like, and then I cut the block with a saw and sanded it until it looked like Zant. Instead of carving out the bottom where my head would go, I poured in some acetone (nail polish remover) and it melted away the inside. The eyes are model magic. The helmet was then paper mached and painted. Zant is my cosplay that has taken the most planning so far, and even though I realize there are TONS of imperfections that will need to be fixed eventually, I love wearing it and I don't know if it will ever retire!
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