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Cosplayer SpPandaaa > Costume of Kagamine Len (Vocaloid 2)

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Vocaloid 2
Kagamine Len
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Boston 2010
AnimeNEXT 2011
AnimeNEXT 2010
AnimeNEXT 2009
Katsucon 2010
New York Anime Festival 2009
Zenkaikon / KosaiKon 2009
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I love Len. He's my favorite Vocaloid, so I had to do him. Also let's note now that this cosplay is still not officially done. I'm so lazy. lolz

Let's see everything, but the pants was made from scratch. It was getting too close to AnimeNEXT to make a pair of shorts, and still had a couple other cosplay to finish up still, so I just said "Screw It!" and went out and bought shorts and modified them to my needs.

The sailor collar is 3 parts: the back, the strap for the left, and the strap for the right shoulder. In total it's 6 pieces of fabric. For the yellow strips on the collar I cut yellow strips of fabric, and inverted it. Then sewed it on the collar pieces, and finally sewed the collar pieces together. And I also did the same thing for the cuffs on the shirt.

Same yellow fabric I made a tie, and whoops it's inaccurate. You would think I would learn by now and not sew at God forsaken hours, but no. Still do it to this day. The tie is a bit short/ narrow for my preference, so I'll probably redo that one day.

So about those arm bands. I actually messed up. I sewed the elastic on wrong, so it doesn't well stretch, and made it pretty much pointless to have elastic to begin with. Whoops. I can sew. I swear I can. Anyway, basically just cut out a cone shaped piece, sewed on some yellow fabric, and done. Same method was applied to the leg-warmers, but I actually did the elastic right for those. Also the yellow dots on the leg warmers is attached by velcro, hot glue, and the use of fray check.

The shoes, are from payhalf. For the yellow at the bottom of the shoe I did a layer of yellow in sharpie first then I painted over it with fabric paint. The yellow dots on the shoe was done the same way as the leg-warmers.

The belt. lolz. It's half done? I actually prefer the design done by fans with the belt being yellow and black since it fits the color scheme more than the yellow and orange the official design has. But anyway, the triangles are painted on by fabric paint, but lulz, I ran out in the middle of painting, so there is essentially almost an entire side of the belt not painted. I will finish that up eventually, but I also plan on remaking the belt to follow the official design as well.

There is probably more to say, but lulz, I'm hungry now, and in some need of serious nom-age, so I will come back to this later... eventually.
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