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Cosplayer Pocky Princess Darcy > Costume of Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece)

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One Piece
Tony Tony Chopper
Special Variation:
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Easy
Costume worn at:
AnimeNEXT 2009
Katsucon 2009
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Hmmm where to start on this one? This costume was mapped out and researched since end of November. I wanted this to be a good learning experience for me since I've never worked with making a fur bodysuit before. All of the planning on paper really helped. I started out with the hat. It is made from furniture foam and pink fuzzy fur that was bought at a specialty fabric store in my area. What I did was sew with the machine some covers for the foam, then I hand sewed down the top piece to the rim. That was the most frustrating part because for some reason the thread didn't want to stay in the foam. 6 hours later and it still was giving me trouble! >_< The antlers are made with micro-suade and stuffed so that they are stiff. His metal piece around the right antler was made out of sheet metal. I had to drill a hole in the back of it and add a metal brad to make it stay round since it didn't want to bend.. There are 2 holes in the hat and the antlers are through those with a dowel to keep it even. Because Chopper is a pear shaped chubby reindeer,I made a fat suit out of furniture foam, plastic pluming tubing, and jersey knit fabric to help the costume breathe. It is held up by my shoulders and ends at my thighs. This gives that shape of chopper's body. Make up: Maybeline matte mousse in dark toffee. I didn't want to wear itchy face make up for this. I wanted to wear a product I knew my skin was used to. The blue was face paint, I drew on the black lines with liquid eye liner and I did have on brown lipstick. I also used Black out contact lenses to get that doe-eyed look. Lastly, it was super cool to wear this and have NO ONE recognize me! I was incognito!! Note to self, never wear this costume in the summer. It is like being in an oven!
Personal Thoughts:
Chopper is my favorite one piece character. Truly I think the love for him started when Rouge & Flexei had me voice him for a skit they were doing back in 2005. I said even back then that I wanted to cosplay him. I recently watched the chopperman specials and movie 3 & 9 from one piece mainly because Chopper is a main character in those. Movie 9 = win!! I relate to him in so many emotional aspects. I love him the most because he is adorable without even trying! ^_~ here is a link to the chopperman specials! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERjmS6ML0XE and http://www.megavideo.com/?v=PLY5XUR6
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