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Cosplayer roxyryoko > Costume of Ino Yamanaka (Naruto)

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About this Costume
Construction Details:
This was my first cosplay I ever made. My mother helped me a lot with the basic sewing but I altered the patterns.We made the shoes by following a tutorial I found online and used blue canvas from Hancock's fabric (which no longer exists in California!).

The armwarmers were made by putting elastic at the top in the purple bands and then velcroing the bottoms of the purple together at the wrists. The white part of the gloves gradually concave and there is a split at the wrist. They are made of cotton.

The top was made by taking a t-shirt pattern and editing it through a mock shirt with muslin. I dismissed the sleeves and then made the pentagon collar by using some geometry skills I probably no longer possess. I put earrings at the places I thought they'd be, making sure they were evenly placed from each other. I had to make the neck hole really big. Using the neck measurements, I created a collar that looks like a giant triangle. Its seams are the opposite of the rest so everything is hidden when it is folded down.

I used a skirt pattern of my mother's and edited it. I made it gradually get smaller towards the knees. On one side there are locks so the pieces stay on me.

I bought loop earrings from Claire's and bought two Konoha headbands from Hot Topic and combined them so for the extra length needed to go around my waist.

For the wraps, I bought long Johns and cut the legs off up to above the knee. After experimenting with wrapping strips of cloth around myself and that failing, I bought white Johnson-Johnson bandages from Rite-Aid. Since they are self-stick they work great on my stomach, but not so much on my legs.
I also bought a kunai holster, a pouch, and 2 kunai from Toys N Joys.rnrn
Personal Thoughts:
Ino was my first real cosplay created when I was 16 years old. The whole project was a family experience and helped my sister and me become closer.
I made so many friends and memories in this cosplay. Many of those friends are some of my best friends to this day! I remember going to my first cosplay gathering and trying so hard to act in character. I even glomped a Sasuke (somehow she still wanted to be my friend later!). I loved teasing the Sakura's and coming up with new forehead jokes and reenacting Sakura and Ino's Chunin fight.
I think Ino's boldness and confidence was really appealing to me at an age when I was really shy. In a way she represented the personality type I wished I had. When I was in cosplay as her, I felt braver and tried to act like her. Cosplaying Ino broke me from my shell.
Additionally, I love Team 10's relationship and think they have a great bond. They all understand each other so well and must work together.
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