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Hi im Jessie de Hwoarang cosplayer photographer amateur gamer etc

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cherryteagirl says, "Awesome Mana!"
For Mana from Malice Mizer
cherryteagirl says, "cute frogie tee!!"
For May Lee from King of Fighters 2002
Misawawa says, "jessie!!! bienvenida al club de las Misas!! :D"
For Amane Misa from Death Note
harumi chan says, "te ves muy bien de light ^0^ ¬°¬°felicidades!!"
For Light Yagami / Raito from Death Note
MelodyLee says, "Hello. I have a question about your cosplay. If you can answer then please email me @ Firefox@tcinternet. I was wondering how you did her pants?"
For Yolei Inoue from Digimon Adventure 02