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I made my first cosplay in 2006, and while I don't make a lot of them each year, it's been a wonderful hobby to get into.
Although my mom attempted to teach me sewing in my teenage years, it went so poorly I was banned from the sewing machine. Many years later some friends started to teach me and I went on from there. I still enjoy learning new techniques.
My graphic design degree and art classes have helped with drafting designs, making props, sculpting and resin casting, and more.
Over 20 years of horse riding and showing, and over 10 years of training in iajustu have also been useful in my cosplay in various ways, especially when competing.(Usually as part of Red "Something" Project, where we change the Something to fit the series we're competing.)
In recent years I have also had the honor and joyful experiences of judging several competitions.

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