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I'm Nami, aka NekoNami Cosplay. I'm a NYC based cosplayer and full time university student. I make my cosplays between classes and work in a city that won't sell me spray paint or box cutters until I turn 21. Most of my cosplay work is done out of a tiny SoHo apartment where I spray paint on a fire escape and expose my roommate to many hazardous fumes (not limited to various spray paints, glues, and the occasional fire). In my limited spare time, I study Biology, Creative Writing, and Japanese, read a lot, write fanfiction, nap, play excessive amounts of League of Legends, and curse my snail-paced wifi.

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NekoNami Cosplay says, "Thanks! The brown chaps are actually a separate piece made out of a couple different colors of pleather. I recommend actually making them out of regular fabric though as they'll look just as good and be a lot easier to sew ^_^; You can find info on how to make the pants by googling "how to sew Chaps". I'll be posting details on how I made them soon though (I'm working on a writeup this week) so keep an eye out!"
For Emerald Sustrai from RWBY
Alisa_Luera_PIANO101 says, "Amazing Cosplay!!! You look absolutely perfect on it ^_^. I want to cosplay Emerald too, but I'm having trouble with the brown part of the pants. Which fabric do you use and how did you make it?"
For Emerald Sustrai from RWBY
NekoNami Cosplay says, "Thank you so much! :)"
For Nui Harime from Kill la Kill
Terranell says, "I'm in love with your wig, what an impressive job!"
For Nui Harime from Kill la Kill