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Nozonda Nichi here. I've decided to start a project called the interracial cosplayer, since a lot of my friends are a somewhat afraid to cosplay a character that doesn't match their skin tone. But that's not what it's about right? It's about expressing a love of a fandom...and that's what I'm out to prove. And having fun. That's part of it too lol.

But enough of that...I live in Florida, where we have no seasons, in a college town that I won't name. I work for a corporate evil, but in my spare time, I've taken up cosplay. It gives me something to do and makes me feel accomplished when I finish something. And now my life has a little more meaning. I'm a master of dark humor, and as far as who I chose to cosplay as, I tend to lean toward kind of dark brooding characters (i.e Sasuke from Naruto is on my list of planned cosplay, as is Edward Elric[

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