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Hello! :3 I've only been cosplaying since August 2013, so I'm very new to the community. I have three completed costumes right now, Faye Valentine, Nui Harime and Titan Annie. I love anime cosplay, and am hoping to do a few from video games once I start learning how to do armored costumes!
I am a game design student as well, so my time is split between 3D design and costume design! My two passions. :D

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tracygraves says, "Thank you! That means a lot, because yeah. A lot of work. haha :D"
For Female Titan from Attack on Titan
Moosey_Fate13 says, "Wow, this looks amazing! I can tell a whole lot of work was put into this. One of the best Annie cosplays I've ever seen! OuO"
For Female Titan from Attack on Titan