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Cosplay, costuming, creating. Blood &Thunder - WoW gamer, Marvel reader, Fantasy Nerd.

I love the challenge of taking a character from the 2d to the 3d. I love the technical and aesthetic problem solving involved in making an accurate (as possible), wearable creation that brings characters I love to life.

My focus is mainly videogames and comics, with my affiliation leaning heavily -if not entirely- to Marvel.

If youd like to involve me in a project, collaborate for a build/shoot/appearance - please let me know!

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MrFluffytheLion says, "Looks like you worked really hard on this!"
For Jinx from League of Legends
Aliciaded says, "Lovely!! How did you make the wings?"
For Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games, The
Ambrosia says, "OH HELL YES this is exactly what I imagined she looked like in the books, the latex scars and skin decay are perfect. Awesome job on everything!"
For Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones
anna-neko says, "best spoiler outfit evah!!!"
For Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones
maryssa says, "Looove the nail scratch marks!"
For Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones