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My first cosplay was in 2001 at Animazement, which was also my first convention. Back then, I had no concept of just how limitless the creative potential for dressing up and pretending to be my favorite characters could be. The more costumes I made and the more conventions I attended over the years, the wider my eyes were opened to the wondrous, whimsical, and sometimes downright wicked possibilities of a hobby motivated not only by the love of anime, gaming, sci-fi/fantasy, et al. but by the sheer joy of MAKING THINGS! Besides crafting and playing, I also love video games, table-top games, reading, linguistics, biology, and travel. Chat me up for anything! I love talking shop just as much as I love musing about the world, and getting to meet and know like-minded people is, of course, always an added bonus!

I am also supernaturally active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and dA by the same name, so feel free to find me and give me a shout ^^





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Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Yeah! I like Oniwaban-shuu, especially Masu and Chika-san. REALLY You've done well!"
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cherryteagirl says, "love the steampunk flare you added to the design!"
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neoangelwink says, "i like it so much i post 2 time ^^"
For Nariko from Heavenly Sword
neoangelwink says, "this is one my fav shots ^__^"
For Nariko from Heavenly Sword
neoangelwink says, "lovely"
For Nariko from Heavenly Sword