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Konnichi-wa!! I'm Lisa, but my net-name is Honeychan.I have been cosplaying for near 16 years now. (goodness, that long!) I was one of the first women in American cosplay on the West-coast, getting my start at AnimeCon91'. I have done many costumes over the years,and plan on doing many more! My Kei costume was my very first one, and I am still remembered for it. Cosplay had made me many friends, and has allowed me to pay homage to some of my favorite Japanese artists. As you can see, I love characters/costumes that KICK-BUTT!! Don't expect me to wear a Card Captor Sakura costume anytime soon!! Ja ne!! ^_-

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White Rose Assassin says, "A very superior Vice. I loved the fabric that you have selected and everything looks crisp and well put together. Good job!"
For Vice from King of Fighters 1996
Maxsteel says, "Holy cow you are gorgeous!!! And quite daring. ;)"
For Cutey Honey from Cutey Honey
Miri says, "I love Leona. Nice job on the costume! :D"
For Leona Heidern from King of Fighters 1996