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Started with the craftsmanship of Desiree Lynn Smith back at Katsucon 2010 when I debuted in her Gunner Yuna cosplay. That summer, I paid for her services and we became Pokemon Gijinka girls, Ivysaur, and my most well known face as Eevee.

Katsucon 2011, I ordered from services that /seemed/ reputable to debut a costume that is near and dear to me, Queen Boreal. She is an evil ice queen on the virtual pet website Misticpets.com. From that experience I learned that I need to use an airbrush for the liquid latex (and that if I want to do a costume justice, practice making it myself in order to get those details right, because ordering from China won't do XD).

Otakon 2011, I returned to my best friend for another Pokemon costume, this time, Arcanine. I had hoped to motivate myself to do it, since I had gone to California earlier in the summer and specifically bought faux fur just for the costume, but time was limited, and it had to be rushed (details being left out of the design I was trying to go off of from Deviantart). From Desiree I also purchased the Shiki costume she had made a while back. It was fun to be a red head, and have all the details (even though I had to force my boots to fit her covers haha).

Since then, I have learned to improve on the costumes I have with simple changes. Arcanine received an updated wig I had planned on using for a lolita outfit. Soon, I plan on adding things to Eevee, perhaps even buying the pattern so I can remake it with different material and make shoe/boot covers and perhaps paw gloves.

And just because I purchase my help from others does not make me less of a cosplayer. My justification is I'm giving them money to further their own costuming, while I play the part and act as the character I have purchased. I've always wanted to be a little bit of someone else, and cosplaying gives me that escape I've always wanted.

If you don't agree, then you wear pants! ∩(︶▽︶)∩

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