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I hand sew everything because I don't yet own a sewing machine for some bizzar reason.

I started the anime aspect of cosplaying in 2008 with a Mirai Ozora cosplay from "Moldiver." The reason: My best friend was the English ADR director for "Magnitude 8 Studios", and this was an inside joke. ((He won awards for ADR work on "Macros Plus," "Macross 2," and "Ninja Scroll."))

This 2013 Anime Expo in L.A, I'm going to cosplay as Yosuke Hanamura (winter casual) from "Persona 4,' and maybe Chie Satonaka from the same series, or Korra from "Avatar: Legend of Korra."

In the off season, I work the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire as one of the costumed actors with the St. Helena's guild as Maggie "Lucky" Elizabeth Lymhacker I.

Favorite quote: "May all your bacon burn." -- Calcifer -"Howl's Moving Castle."

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