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♥ Cosplayer ♥ Anime & Manga Lover ♥ Video Game Girl♥

Ashley Willette was born in Bath, ME and spent most of her time there. Growing up as a shy-girl, she slowly learned to accept and to believe in herself. While growing up from a financially-aimed family, her goals and dreams differed from what her family wanted. She views the values of life by the strong hearts of others, rather than what they have. Her interests are connected to her idealistic personality, she loves the entertainment that: Cosplaying, Anime/Manga and Video Games offer. Experiencing an adventure outside of her own world and yet trying to imply it to her life is what she loves best.

She attended, "Morse High School" in Bath, ME in 2010. She then decided to get an early jump-start on her life by taking home school courses with, "North Atlantic Regional High School, Lewiston, ME" in 2010. She then graduated early with a High School Diploma at the age of only 16. No more than a year later she attended college at the age of 17 at, "Southern Maine Community College," in 2011 where she focused on, General Studies.

Shortly after she decided to move to, New Hampshire. Transferring her current credits to study at, New Hampshire Technical Institute she studied, Visual Arts. In the middle of her semester she decided that she wanted to take a break from her studies.

Aside from her studies, she has worked the following jobs: AĆ©ropostale, FYE, Shaw's Supermarket and volunteers at the, "SCPA Animal Shelter" in Concord, NH.

She now focuses on living life to the fullest and following her dreams. She is now dedicated to become a cosplayer and entertainer.

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