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I've costumed slightly since 2004, but 2009 is when I really got into the hobby. I have a tendency toward making and wearing 'suits' and 'armor' costumes, though I hope to eventually improve my sewing skills.

My costuming background grows primarily from the Halo costuming community (405th.com) and as a result, I have a tendency to look towards papercraft/fiberglass armor, sculpting/molding, and foam mat techniques when approaching construction. I also have some military experience in my past, which I apply to strapping , fitting, and wearing of costumes.

I've worked as a photojournalist and am currently working to produce a live action film as well.

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Delta0621 says, "Thanks! =3"
For Labrys from Persona 4: Arena
CeruleanDraco says, "yeah, labrys!! she's sooo goood~ good job with your armor :D"
For Labrys from Persona 4: Arena
Delta0621 says, "Yep! We had ~6 experienced costumers who would take turns wearing the suit or acting as handlers to make sure everything looked just right, though I was lucky enough to be credited as the primary suit wearer. The only major scene I missed was the day they shot with Neil Gaiman. Darn finals! Thanks for the compliment! Blue Realm Studiod did an amazing job on the suit. The Guild was a super fun set to work on and actually got me interested in making my own films. =)"
For Blue from Halo 2
Raven-Roth says, "wut... ur the blue halo guy from the 5th guild season??? u have no idea how jealous i am of u right now. btw awesome halo armor!"
For Blue from Halo 2
Griever 2112 says, "Hold up... you got essentially the "Church" Armor... met Stan Lee, AND punched Kevin Sorbo in the face?? you are my new hero. "
For Blue from Halo 2