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I usually go by RaaBee, I'm a fashion student who just loves to make clothes. I've been cosplaying since 2005 which makes me...older I suppose lol. Always up for a nerdy chat.

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Rose of Battle says, "Your Sugilite looks so good!"
For Sugilite from Steven Universe
zipchan says, "Whoa, this is impressive! I love how you did the second set of arms!"
For Sugilite from Steven Universe
Chi_DMB says, "Awesome! I am hoping to get Sugilite done by Halloween! "
For Sugilite from Steven Universe
Bur Loire says, "Ah! You look so cute!!!"
For Viera Summoner from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Kat326 says, "Oh my god. This is amazing. "
For Vinny Santorini from Atlantis: The Lost Empire