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Hello, My name is Brittany :3
And I am a cosplayer who lives in Southern California. I haven't really been cosplaying for a SUPER long time, I've been cosplaying for a year now and have done many unfinished cosplays and I currently have one cosplay done and another one half way done. So you could say that I don't have as many as I would like to have in cosplays, I'm just a very....I'm not the richest person alive and I live at home with my mother so...Not going to happen. YET! See how I put the "yet" haha...Anyways, I've turned 17 already and right now I do have a cosplay group...Well kind of...I'm not really apart of it I just show up to photo shoots...So you could say that I'm looking for a group that would actually like me. I'm not the most prettiest or the most skinniest girl alive. I mean, I'm curvy but this is what I like to do I enjoy it and I love doing it so, As they say in America "Haters gonna hate!" :) I give le smiley face :D
Nice Meeting you...Please take care of me.

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