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I'm Sara!

I've been cosplaying and sewing for about a year now. I learned my craft from my grandma who is a quilter and self-taught Renaissance costumer. Every cosplay I wear is made by me; I put a lot of hard work and love into every piece.

When I'm not sewing or in school, I enjoy watching anime with my boyfriend, petting cats, and playing Pokemon. I'm also a HUGE Futurama fan~
I use dA as my home base, so to speak, so if you'd like to see more photos from each set, go have a look: http://sara-sekhmet.deviantart.com :)

If there are any San Francisco or Monterey Bay Area photographers who would be interested in a cosplay photo shoot, please PM me!

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mailfantasy says, "Fantastic bikini and bikini body! :-) Cool, natural shot as well."
For Megurine Luka from Vocaloid 2
mailfantasy says, "Very, VERY cute!"
For Megurine Luka from Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA 2nd