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Hey everyone. :) Angel here! Not much to say, other than I love to cosplay and create my own outfits. :) I tend to group cosplay with my friend Pepperbots. ^.^ I've been cosplaying since 2011 and my costume collection ranges from Anime to Video Games to Movies and Graphic Novels.

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Angelskiss2007 says, "Thanks! :) There's a lot to re-do (like the wings broke right before the photoshoot and I precariously strapped them to myself lol), but I really enjoyed the smaller accessories. The arms and shoes were so fun and I think I didn't really add photos of those."
For Mercy from Overwatch
anna-neko says, "your accessories are A+++ (the entire goddess look is excellent too ???_???"
For Mercy from Overwatch
Angelskiss2007 says, "Thanks! So I should update my description better, but the breastplate is craftfoam and worbla and then 375 individually cut and shaped plastic spoons, then painted. :) Lots of work but so fun! Wanted to do a slight "battle" twist on the costume. :)"
For Loki from Marvel Comics
anna-neko says, "wow, those scales O_o'"
For Loki from Marvel Comics
queenmarceline2529 says, "Cute."
For Femme Fatale from Original: Historical / Renaissance