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Hi All!

Foayasha here ^_^ I'm a casual cosplayer located in Houston Texas, where I've been dabbling in cosplay since the beginning of 2011. While cosplaying I do my best to represent the characters to be as true and accurate as possible. I'm doing my best to stay social in the cosplay scene here in Texas, and I think I'll be making yearly appearances as most Houston cons, such as Anime Matsuri and Onicon. I also LOVED the DC con, Katsucon and the A-Kon in Dallas, so expect to see me there for years to come.

Lately I've mainly been posting heavily on my Facebook and my Website! You can also see my other cosplay accounts with listed at Cosplay.com and Deviant Art.

Thanks again! - Foayasha

Fóa: Old Norse, she-fox [fo ah]

Yasha: 夜叉, female demon [ya sh ah]

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superheroinelinks says, "OUTSTANDING!"
For Princess Allura from Voltron
Serephita says, "This costume looks so awesome. :) Hope to see you at Blizzcon!"
For Paladin from World of Warcraft
Foayasha says, "=D I'm glad you think so!!!"
For Princess Allura from Voltron
Foayasha says, "Ha, thank you very much!"
For Princess Allura from Voltron
Foayasha says, "Thank you!!"
For Princess Allura from Voltron