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Texas cosplayer and Cosplay Director of Anime Matsuri.

The thing I enjoy the most about cosplaying is meeting and getting to see other people with the same love and interest.

I love chocolate and pretty fabrics and shoes

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Kiya says, "one of my favorite costumes you've done <3"
For C.C. from Code Geass
marikasan says, "oh I see your comment....I need to be better about keeping up w my acp <3 <3 <3 thank you"
For Alicia from Claymore
kapalaka says, "This is a fantastic cosplay of Alicia. You did such a nice job on the armor and claymore. :o It's like you walked right out of the manga! Claymore cosplay is so rare, and for Alicia to be cosplayed and this well is like seeing a unicorn. *_* <3 Fangirling over you the rest of the day. XD "
For Alicia from Claymore
ashley says, "I have the figma of saber in that outfit"
For Saber from Fate/Zero
Samu-chan says, "This is AWESOME."
For Alicia from Claymore