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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by my profile.
I am an Amateur cosplayer.
unfortunately I am not very pretty, not very confident in the cosplays I wear.
I try my best to get into the character of my costume yet still remain be me myself.
I really put a lot of passion into it. I am trying my best to become a better seamstress. All I can really do is stitch work and small detailing but with more practice and knowledge I will eventually become better.
I don't believe that I have what it takes to win any sort of contest. I'm shy with posing and get distracted easily but I'm getting more courage and doing my best!
to me, there is no such thing as perfect but I do try to be accurate I don't like to do things half assed, where's the fun in that?
I have an easier time making props and scenes than sewing. XD I have more freedom to be more creative I guess.
My signature cosplay is Kagamine Rin from VOCALOID2. I have a lot in common with the character and really enjoy music.
Music is actually where one of my other passions lies.
If you'd like to hear some of my vocal covers please visit my youtube channel!

Though I enjoy cosplaying characters with the same traits, it's also fun to attempt different characters too. It brings out other sides of your personality you never knew you had. so much fun! ^_^

add me on facebook if you'd like!:

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HaseoX says, "i dont know how to talk to you on here but i voted for you i hope you win "
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