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Group Name: The Last Unicorn (Otherwise known as Dandi)

Group Members: Andi and David. We're only the cutest couple ever.

Location: Brisbane.

When did you start cosplaying together?: Debuted costumes this year (2011) but had started in 2010.

What are your favourite cosplays that you've done together?: At this stage, our Gakupo and Rin costumes are our favourites as it was a lot more creative than our Shiki and Rima costumes. However, we're looking forward to our future costumes together. At this stage we have Guilty Gear and Infinite Stratos costumes in progress.

Which conventions do you usually attend?: Supanova is always a must! And generally the whole Brisbane circuit of conventions. We're planning to go to a variety of different states, however with Melbourne Supanova and SMASH! on our list of cons to visit this year.

Deviantart gets updated the most so check out andiandi-chan.deviantart.com and our tumblr dandidandi.tumblr.com

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