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Yo, I'm NurseKatieTheSurgeon/Abe (Ah-Bay) My first cosplay was spring of 2009 and I've been addicted ever since. I am a member of JBA Cosplay. I can often been found lurking around the JBA Cosplay pages on DeviantArt or Youtube. Thanks for looking!

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NurseKatieTheSurgeon says, "Thank you very much! I think there's some recordings of our skit on youtube if you care to watch. :D"
For Willy from Romeo x Juliet
Serephita says, "I heart about this skit! I wish I had been able to see it myself, congratulations!"
For Willy from Romeo x Juliet
NurseKatieTheSurgeon says, "Thank you so much! Sorry I'm just getting back to you now, I completely forgot this site existed for the past couple of months. XD Did you see us at cosplay chess? My fellow kodama and I were special attacks for our San . We gave each other piggy back rides. It was super fun!"
For Kodama / Tree Spirit from Princess Mononoke
blue_eyed_fairy says, "You were so cute at the Matsuri!! I hope I can see it again at AAC!!"
For Kodama / Tree Spirit from Princess Mononoke