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I first started going to conventions and cosplaying in 2005 because of my college anime club. They were planning a trip to Katsucon so I decided to go. I don't recall how I knew about cosplaying but I did and from there it's history. I can't believe it's been this long.

I am finally getting a profile here now and am in the process of filling it up with all my costumes and photos!

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Nightengale37 says, "I would have loved to threaten you!"
For The Governor from Walking Dead, The
avianna says, "AHHH! I think I saw you over the weekend at D*C! I wish I would have brought my Rick costume!!"
For The Governor from Walking Dead, The
Ammie says, "Amazing!! I love it!!!!!!!"
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Serephita says, "Love it!! I absolutely love that movie too!"
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Nightengale37 says, "<3 thanks! It was a blast!"
For Olive Penderghast from Easy A