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I started cosplaying when I was 13 o.o;; My very first costume was Lina Inverse from Slayers ^.^;; Looking back now I think "Ohhh my gosh so many things wrong!" but hey, I was 13 with some help from my mom.

At 14 I did Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII. I actually dyed my hair black for this... BAD IDEA looking back now, haha... oh well.

I kept going to cons for a few more years and then got too busy to attend ,_, but recently I have got to start up again and I have cosplayed:

Vanille- Final Fantasy XIII
Thief Rikku- Final Fantasy X-2
Zombie Alice- Alice in Wonderland
Kakashi (I think is the name??)- Naruto. My friend made the costume and I just wore it =p
Cafe Maid- Own Design

I'm working on finishing up Thief Rikku. I'm also working on Atoli from .Hack and Serah from Final Fantasy XIII (FF trends, I know, SURPRISE SURPRISE~!)

I'm a goofy girl who loves to be a nerd but also loves the social aspect of life of bars/clubs/parties and the like! =^.^=

Next Convention Appearance:

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