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(photo cred Paul Mrstik Photography)

Trickssi made an official debut into the cosplay scene in 2014 and currently hails from Ohio. She holds a BA in studio art with a focus on soft sculpture as well as a lifelong love of crafting. At Shumatsucon 2016, she entered and won Novice division for masquerade craftsmanship. Her passion is teaching dance at anime conventions to spread a lifelong love of learning; she has danced for 25 years and taught ballroom styles for 8 years. Successful collaborations include Katsucon's Formal Ball, the Pittsburgh JCS Ouran Gala, Ohayocon???s Fantasy Ball, and teaching/hosting/DJing the Matsuricon Formal Ball. A well-studied musician, she carefully selects music from anime, gaming, and Japanese culture to suit contemporary styles of partner dancing for all levels of experience to enjoy. She hopes to expand partner dance culture within the anime convention community for the elevation of events above proms. In addition, she launched the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network for cosplayers who are survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment at the end of 2016 in hopes to bring the community together around the ever-looming issue of consent in cosplay. Catch her at photo shoots and heading panels about cosplay and dance!

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