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Hey there! Erin from East Coast here, I thought I had an account but I guess not >

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keeptry says, "Sorry that wasn't me! ^^ But thank you :)"
For Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa
KyokoProStudios says, "At last, I think I've found you! Are you the Junko that (literally) starred in this video? http://bit.ly/1moh399 If so, YOU ARE INSANE and I love you so much for making my weekend~! You're the real deal, girl, when it comes to cosplay, and there are so many levels of and reasons for thanks I could give you; but, if you manage to see this message at all, that would be good enough for me. (In other words, I'm the guy who shot you.) I hope you, too, had a Katsucon just as worthwhile; from the photos I've seen of you, it looks like it--and you deserve it! :) If you are NOT the Junko in the video link above, though... I am very embarrassed, but I will admit that you are *quite* stunning as well. I hope you, too, had a fabulous Katsucon experience~ ^^"
For Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa