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Hello! I'm Kerry. I've been attending conventions since 2005, and cosplaying since 2007. Only recently (late 2010) I've been actually making my own costumes. It's definitely a learning experience! I've been expanding out of the Midwest and attending conventions on the East and West coast, though you'll still find me primarily in the Midwest for now.

I spend too much time on the internet and procrastinate like no other. Maybe someday I'll fix that... Later.

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Melody701 says, "Where did u get the dress????"
For Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
cherryteagirl says, "Very cute setting!!"
For Haruka Amami from iDOLM@STER
yusuke tozawa says, "Naiiki I dont comment often buy I used to do photography at a few cons and you did an awesome job stepping outside your comfort zone -and your costume is amazing !!!! You can see from the views that it was a hit …. go forth and be CONFIDENT in all you do !!!!!!"
For Strawberry Ice Cream from Sakizou Artworks
sakakirose says, "This is the most darling picture ever <3 You both look perfect."
For Suzuha Amane from Steins;Gate
Shii Arisugawa says, "What a perfect group omg ;0;"
For Suzuha Amane from Steins;Gate