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Hi I began cosplaying in 1992 on the sci-fi con scene. I started with costumes from Star Wars and Star Trek. I had a love for anime/manga in the early years but didn't know that much about the scene until a friend introduced me to an anime event in 2008. I have never looked back. I love attending anime events now and enjoy making costumes.

One of my goals is to attend an US event as I have had so much about them and have a few friends in the US.

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iheartexploding says, "hojo is such an ass,you have his perfect expression in these to show it though! great job on him <3"
For Hojo from Final Fantasy VII
iheartexploding says, "i dunno which is my fave,either this or the close up one ,3 "
For Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
iheartexploding says, "<3 you know i love this costume on you <3"
For Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood