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kumusta ka!~
You can call me Lauri (that's what everyone's calling me now =3=;; ). I'm !$ years old and an ameteur (VERY AMETEUR) cosplayer and photographer...I guess -sweatdrop-.
I very much enjoy eating, sleeping, dancing, singing (even though I hate to admit it), and of course, cosplaying and any other stuff a typical otaku may do.
Right now, I have this CRAZY obsession with Hetalia. if you don't know this series, WATCH IT, READ IT ON THE INTERNET, OR DO WHATEVER TO CHECK OUT THE SERIES. Thanks to that series, my history grades surprisingly shot up, and I became so addicted to it ever since.
I think I'm only one that has ever cosplayed an OC more than once in public TTATT;;; for shame.
Even though I may look like I could be the one that can easily talk to everyone, I'M NOT. I am INCREDIBLY SHY, so shy to the fact that I may need someone to talk to me, I feel so embarrassed now to even admit that TT^TT;;;;;;;; , but when I get to know people, I can get a bit attached to them, and try to at least tell them that they are talented in what they do.
I don't really have any cosplay group whatsoever (-is too shy to make one OTL-), but it looks like so much fun being in one~ (after seeing too many vids of cosplayers reaking havoc-----I mean having fun in public =w=;; )
I guess that's all I'm say about me, thanks for visiting my page, now I'm gonna get some food~


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